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Transect Lima - Arequipa - Machu Picchu

Lima - Arequipa - Cañón del Colca - Laguna Lagunillas - Islas Flotantes de los Urus - Isla Amantaní - Isla Taquile - Cusco - Salineras de Maras - Moray - Machu Picchu


Roadside market on the Altiplano with Laguna Lagunillas in the background

Here you can select the system-level contributions and the points of interest related to the transect Lima - Arequipa - Machu Picchu. Make yourself familiar with the systems before starting to explore the individual points of interest where you can elaborate more detailed pieces of information.

A transect through the Peruvian Andes

by Martin Gumpoldsberger and Severin Platzer



by Martin Pree and Martin Mergili


by Martin Mergili

Cañón del Colca

by Caroline Lasser

Laguna Lagunillas

by Martin Mergili

Lago Titicaca

by Anna Zeiser

Islas Flotantes de los Urus

by Martin Mergili

Isla Amantaní

by Sofia Tonner

Isla Taquile

by Sofia Tonner


by Martin Mergili

Salineras de Maras

by Martin Mergili


by Martin Mergili

Machu Picchu

by Dominik Blasenbauer