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Lago Titicaca

by Anna Zeiser


The journey of a water drop through the catchment of Lake Titicaca

Imagine you are a water drop floating in the clouds over the highland, or Altiplano, in Peru or Bolivia. You perceive your environment, the other water drops around you, the vast Altiplano, the distant snow-capped peaks of the Andean mountains, the shimmering surface of Lake Titicaca that looks like a sea from above, below you. You can feel a sense of joyful anticipation. It spreads into all the fibres of your water drop body. You are looking forward to finally being able to explore the world beneath you, and so are looking forward to the time of the cloudburst. Then suddenly the time has come. You are racing towards the earth surface. The wind feels pleasant on your skin. It plays with your hair and you are happy about the airy refreshment.

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This contribution was slightly modified, extended, and translated from German by Martin Mergili.