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by Martin Mergili

General information

Guido is an old railway station in the valley of the Río Mendoza, which is deeply incised between the Precordillera in the northeast and the Cordillera Frontal in the southwest. The bright granitic rocks are remarkable in this area. They are, in some places, sharply separated from the surrounding volcanic rocks in which the granitic magma once intruded. Granite, in principle, is considered quite resistant towards weathering. The granite in Guido, however, is intensely faulted and jointed, and surfically weathered to grit. Rock falls and debris flows occur from time to time, particularly in case of earthquakes or heavy rainfall. This is a major issue for the trans-Andean road traffic in the valley. In former times, it was also a problem for the railway traffic. A walk along the abandoned railway line provides deep insights into the field of tension between traffic, geology, and natural hazards in mountain areas.

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On the rails into the past

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Head for discoveries along the old railway track!

An old railway bridge spans the Río Mendoza some kilometres upstream of Guido. It can be crossed by foot. But be careful: the swells are made of resistant quebracho wood, but can be rotten due to lacking maintenance of the abandoned bridge. Furthermore, the Río Mendoza flowing rapidly 10 m beneath represents a challenge for the sense of equilibrium because the bridge neither has a continuous bottom, nor does it have handrails. At least, one can be sure that no train will come along.

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